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Catholic Mothers of Emotionally Ill Children


The Holy Three will guide you over Trinity Bridge.

Diary of a Country Mother

UPDATE 2 16 2013--Highly Recommended:  A recently published memoir:  Diary of a Country Mother by Cynthia A. Montanaro (Roman Catholic Books) brings you to the fullness of being a Catholic mother of a child with emotional challenges.  Cynthia (Cindy) conveys the strength of faith, the sustenance of hope, and the serenity of charity as she recalls the brief life of her young son, Tim.  Though challenged by understanding Tim's difficulties and then his abrupt, tragic death, Cindy transforms her loss into a tapestry of love to better uphold all of us.  Click on the link above to go to Cindy's Wordpress site.

The Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre, co founded by Timothy Duff, has materials for establishing local spiritual support groups for families and individuals affected by mental illness. See the web link to this extraordinary movement on "The Sacramental" Page. Tender Mercies:  Prayers for Healing and Coping by Mary Peter Martin F.S.P. by Pauline Press is a compilation of prayers for those in the throes of emotional storms.

Books by Gregory Popcak:  I'm loving and gaining from his God Help Me! The Stress in Killing Me.  Simply outstanding, easy to read, and a treasure trove of practical and doable spiritual exercises!

For parents of children with same sex attraction, go to Courage's website for 'out of this world' (heaven sent) help, consolation, and direction.

COMING SOON:  Updated resources for parents and loved ones!

CONTACT:  info@trinitybridge.net 

All mothers of children with emotional illness wonder how and why their child is so afflicted. Frequently families are fractured or broken by the serious fallout these illnesses can inflict. Know that there are many types of help both secular and sacred. While this site is designed to give you spiritual foundation, there is the practical help as well. However, approach all assistance with prayer for guidance, knowing nothing on this earth is perfect. With that in mind, one organization I have found particularly helpful is the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). They are nonpartisan, and thus far, I have not seen any official policy contrary to our faith. Still, given so many secular political and social movements, some subtle contradictions have crept into the group. So be very cautious!  Regardless, you will meet people of faith and receive much support in your own neighborhood. You can reach them and your local chapter through their main site. NAMI

Recently and increasingly faithful Catholic psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health caretakers have stepped forward to provide healing within the cognitive, psycho-social, and spiritual domains simultaneously. One such site is The Institute for Marital Healing/Comprehensive Counseling Services. Although located in Pennsylvania, they have a resourceful website at www.maritalhealing.com and beyond its name are becoming more encompassing of family mental health issues. Dr. Fitzgibbons has also been a regular on EWTN and is most reasonable and prudent with respect to his approach to children and adolescent mental illnesses. A reliable colleague of Dr. Fitzgibbon's is Peter C. Kleponis, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C.

Another great link beside the ones listed above and in the upper left is to a dear friend of those whose children might suffer from mental illness. Ronda Chervin has written several books that touch the hearts of all suffering mothers. One of her more poignant books is The Kiss from the Cross (Saints for Every Kind of Suffering), wherein she discusses her son's heartbreaking suicide. Yet, in the light of holy eternity and all our beautiful brothers and sisters who have gone before us, Ronda captures the essence of our lives and faith: reliance on our omnipotent Father, for He so loved the world that He gave His only beloved Son, Who, in turn, willingly and with perfect love, gave us His life and ushered in the Holy Spirit. Ronda can be reached at the following underlined 'link'. Remember, these references are just a click away:  www.rondachervin.com  There are other wonderful sites and many great resources which I hope to post as this site matures and God sends some angelic technos to help :)