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We live in the world, a world created by God, our Father, but one that is imperfect due to our fall from grace. Still, as mothers of children with emotional illness, we are challenged with many contradictions. Especially we are confronted by what seems to be an unprecedented attack on those values we hold dear. Know that many before us felt the same way! Keep in mind that God is in charge, and that all of us are either borrowers or stewarts. Keep in heart that He will provide as we need. Keep in sight that that which points all of us to the beauty of our world.



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A Father's Journey

  1. Remember, when choosing an option of care, many choices may be presented. Start with prayer.
  2. Consult person(s) you trust. Perhaps, this will be a pastor, but it may be anyone you know who is faithful.
  3. List all the pluses and negatives related to your choice(s)in light of our Faith.
  4. Realize that some things may be beyond your control. See the Sacramental and Trimphant sections for more help.
  5. Make sure you have included your spouse and decide a course of action with him. Pray again!
  6. If your spouse is "absent" for any reason, ask for the intercession of St. Joseph. Again, sometimes there are very short window periods for such decisions.
  7. Trust! Pray, "Jesus, I trust in you." Let go!