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Billions of people have gone before us, including multitudes who suffered from emotional disturbance. The Church boasts about many of these persons, including the sainted. Yet, even those who have to make a pit stop in Purgatory can assist us. They know they are headed for eternal joy but may have willingly offered themselves to be purged of every fault, while helping their brothers and sisters on earth. (And we know our wounded selves frequently fall into error.) Among these are the family of St. Therese of Liseaux whose sister Leonie Martin dealt with the demons of mental illness all her life. Yet, she reached sanctity. We can, too!


St. Therese of Liseaux


The Holy Family serves as our model and holy support.

The Holy Family serves as a unique bridge, as we are united with them in body and spirit. Our mother Mary, Lord Jesus Christ, and St. Joseph, individually and collectively connect with us, as they truly lived and underwent all the temptations and trials we face. Ponder Mary's anxiety as she heard the words, "and a sword will pierce your heart, as well," and as she saw her perfect Son charged with 'insanity' yet crucified. Petition her most chaste, humble, and servile spouse St. Joseph to help you every day.

The Apostles and the early church fathers, including doctors of the faith are ever present to help us. Reading about these marvelous souls certainly will edify you as a mother. However, even if you can't find time to read--or even listen to or view tapes--just call on them! You will be amazed at their intercession.