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Seek Religious Advice - Seek the Lord for You and Yours.

"Dear Zeline" is a special place on this website where you can ask questions relating to your child's well-being, spiritually and otherwise, with the provision that it does NOT constitute medical advise. Responses may be limited for many reasons. Zeline was the mother of St. Therese of Liseaux and Leonie Martin and knows (knew) first hand all the tribulations you endure. Also, see and hear Ronda Chervin's new audio tapes/texts. 

"Coffee Chat" is for selected postings. You may contact us at info@trinitybridge.net   Please provide overall comments on the current state of support for Catholic mothers of children with emotional illness. Stories are most welcome--even encouraged! We will do our best to respond to everyone in some way. Know you are all in our prayers. Please keep us in yours. God bless.


You are Not Alone. Seek the Support of Others.


"Prayer Requests" is open to everyone who needs prayers. Obviously space will limit how many postings we can make at any given time, but it will never limit the prayers for each and every one of you. Also, if there is a special prayer you wish to have posted, please do send it. Perhaps, too, you will want to give thanks for an answered prayer or wisdom and patience to accept when a prayer does not seem to be answered in the way you had hoped.